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~ The Daily Bitch ~

Why do the young 'immatures' not text back or call back or answer their phone??......


Shows how old you are.
You constantly wonder why people treat you the way they do.
Your phone etiquette sucks ass!!

People get the hint, and won't answer back, on purpose, BECAUSE functional adults actually DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A CONVERSATION THAT WILL TAKE 9 DAYS!

You get your ass hurt, after we ignore your disrespect and you regularly vocalize to ALL, how emotionally traumatized you are, by the actions of others.

Look in the mirror and see who starts all your emotional drama shenanigans.
What makes you think normal rational adults have time for immaturity?

There are people out there who DON'T have time for your bullshyt.
We don't think twice about your bullshyt and love our drama free lives.

Quit thinking that you are entitled to answer people back in a disrespectful manner.
Eventually your feelings of entitlement, will ruin your entire life - your relationships, your friendships and how you feel about yourself in the long run.

If you EVER wonder why CERTAIN people don't get back to YOU????
Get back to reality, get back to people


<![CDATA[- This Country Needs More Jobs -- BULLSHYT! -]]>Sat, 09 Jan 2016 20:12:41 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-this-country-needs-more-jobs-bullshyt~ The Daily Bitch ~

Have you been in a position of hiring people?
Have you seen a tremendous amount of people looking for work but NOT REALLY WANTING WORK??.....
     not showing up for interviews, not calling back, etc

More than 90% of people on unemployment, over 5-6 months, REALLY DON'T WANT A JOB.
How do I know this? Because I've seen it with my eyes, for years - - - - FACT, NOT OPINION!!!!

It's a way of life for these people.
Finding new ways and loop holes by SCREWING the system and screwing normal working citizens, is their adrenaline. 
They think it's funny that they have managed to 'get away' with it and all the 'other' stupid people work their ass off every day.  THEY laugh at US!!

Men getting offered more than $18/Hr and not showing up for the job on the first day!
WTF is that? - it's 'pretending' to look for work, to KEEP their unemployment!
People not showing up for work constantly!
WTF is that? - It's getting shit for free but not  wanting to make  more  than  the minimum  so you don't get that free shyt taken away....
There are many more examples, I'm sure some of you have seen personally.
It happens everyday, constantly.

When a company can't get employees because the general unemployment population REALLY DOESN'T WANT A JOB, it's not 'this country needs more jobs'.  It's more like 'this country needs to stop giving out money to losers who 'search for jobs' just to keep their unemployment FOR MORE THAN 4 - 5 MONTHS'.

That's what MOST of the unemployed population is doing....
Just going through the motions to sit around, have fun AND GET PAID while doing it -- on our dime!

This is a growing problem.
There needs to be more companies willing to report them on fraud because of this!!
You honestly can't keep complaining about paying for these losers, if you aren't willing to call them in for fraud!
It only takes a moment.
You are part of the problem too, if you can't do your duty and call in the 'unemployed' you get pissed at!
ANYONE can call unemployment and turn the habitual unemployed in - anonymously!!
Most of our tax dollars go to THEM!
Stop THEM and call them out. If they don't show up for work/interviews, CALL UNEMPLOYMENT ON THEM!
Stand up for what you believe in!
Stop talking about our screwed up system it and do something about it.

<![CDATA[- Intolerance, The New Ignorance -]]>Tue, 17 Nov 2015 21:37:31 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-intolerance-the-new-ignorance~ The Daily Bitch ~

All y'all are asking people to be REAL and not fake, ALL THE DAMN TIME!

Yet when people are themselves and they ARE being true to THEIR opinions and THEIR feelings you block them - out of your life and/or from social networking. (which I don't understand because our pages are our pages and express OUR OWN opinions and a weird amount of people cherish the moments when others reply with constant attention, so it really shouldn't matter)

Because of their WRONG opinions, you tell people you don't want to be friends anymore and you tell them by your actions and words that you don't appreciate, or care, who they are as a person, (you LOVE your cause so much that you are blinded by YOUR opinion). That's horribly unfair!
In fact, what you are trying to say:
"I want people to be REAL.
I don't want them to be fake.
But when you have an opinion that is different from  mine,
I want you to shut your mouth and agree with me.
So, be fake."

I'm really confused by what all y'all want from each other.

All I know is,
I want the people I'm around to be themselves. If they don't agree with me then, yeah, we can debate it or not.
We don't have to throw tantrums until  OUR thoughts are the same.
Or threaten each other with ruining a friendship.

Appreciate people being true to their feelings and emotions and opinions, because that's what you are, in fact, demanding from people constantly!

Blocking people and unfriending people and telling people to get out of your life because of their opinion seems a little drastic and seems like you don't have the life skills and tools to cope with other people in your life.

All y'all want 'Yes, Sir's'  -- people who agree with you ALWAYS.  (which actually sounds boring to me, but it's another form of attention that people crave)

Just because people have their own opinions of the world,
doesn't make them stupid or mean OR WRONG!!


Understand people have their own life experiences!
Kids, age, life, illness, death - all have a part in the opinions others have. 
I respect them for that!
Yeah, I might disagree, but my parents, and life, taught me skills, to appreciate, to be tolerant, to learn from others, to understand.

Usually, though, people often change their opinions in life, as they age and after they have kids.  And I GET that, so, I consider the source and I go on.
I can handle scrolling by, not having to make issues out of non-issues that I cannot change.

Why would you think you are so 'all powerful' to CHANGE OTHERS' OPINIONS BY threatening them with your friendship
and then brag about it?????

It makes me sad that people expect tolerance in their own beliefs, yet will give none.

Understanding life -- is key!
OUR differences make us who we are.

Your intolerance of your fellow man says a lot about you,
especially in cases that are WAY WAY WAY out of your control!

<![CDATA[ - You're SO Happy... BUT... -]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 14:23:55 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-youre-in-love-youre-happy-but~ The Daily Bitch ~

You're in love, you're happy, you're spending money, traveling, life is great, you're ALWAYS smiling.
Your relationships are awesome and the BEST THING EVER!

You can keep talking about your beautiful life, but remember, when life gives you difficult times and horrible storms that last -- death, sadness, pain, illness, suffering, job loss, job stress, depression, life and death decisions
- - -  THAT IS LIFE!

Drinking, partying, going out - that is NOT life.

Life is rough, tough and challenging.
When life changes - BIG life changes - THAT'S when you can say 'it's working'.
THAT'S when you are really joyous, because you trust in that person beside you. 
You have faith in that person's outlook and future with you, because of words and actions.
Because no matter what, they are there  - - STILL!

Everyone can connect with and bond with people when it's fun.
It's when life's disasters hit us, that we truly know the people, lovers, friends who stick by us, that love us
- - no matter what happens - -

<![CDATA[- "Likes" are NOT Your Life -]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2015 19:43:30 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-likes-are-not-your-life~ The Daily Bitch ~

PEOPLE!! Don't get so F'KN butt hurt when all your "followers" on instagram
don't 'like' your shyt ALL the time.
SOME people aren't on there 24/7/365!

Instagram is for sharing pictures, your life, your adventures, your food, your fun.

Yes.. there are haters and takers who refuse to like your shyt and just troll, but that will happen your entire life.

How about worrying LESS about people who don't matter and
give more attention to the ones who DO matter.
People who are too fixated on other people.......

Also, quit being so obsessed  with how many likes YOU give out...
just because someone else IS or is NOT "liking your shyt" -- that makes you an idiot!!

And if you are one of those peeps... #SlamYourDickInADoor

<![CDATA[- Your Life is of Exceptional Value -]]>Wed, 14 Oct 2015 01:32:21 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-nothing-can-give-you-worth~ The Daily Bitch ~

If somehow you don't feel worthy of anything in your life ...........
A man or woman or child will never do that job for you.
You must do that for yourself.

Your unworthiness came from you - don't blame it on anybody else.
No one is that powerful to do that to your life and make you feel a certain way.
You are the most powerful person in your life.

You choose to feel a certain way.
Stop blaming others.
Look inward.

Get your worth from you and how beautiful and amazing you are!

Remember - - - I say this because I love you

<![CDATA[- Everyone Has A Demanding Life... Get Over It -]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 21:42:32 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-everyone-has-a-demanding-life-get-over-it~ The Daily Bitch ~

At some point and time, EVERY teenager thinks their problems and life's difficulties are so far above all the problems in the universe.
Your poor life, your damn parents, school sucks, homework sucks, your curfew sucks, no car,  no money,  you can't do anything, etc.
It doesn't get better WHEN YOU GET OLDER!

If you're older and you STILL think this way about your adult dilemmas,
you better learn now, before you damage yourself and others with wasted negative energy.

EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS and yours are NOT bigger than the general population, so DON'T GET IT TWISTED.
If you don't  stomp this attitude out, you will always believe it and continue to think you are mightier than you really are, while normal people pity your sorry ass noble attitude.
Your problems are bigger, so everyone should bow down to you.
Your problems are bigger, so you feel entitled.
Your problems are bigger, so you need help.
Your problems are bigger, so you are extraordinary.
Your problems are bigger, so you need more attention.

.....AND..... you keep thinking it, therefore your aura keeps exuding it, therefore you keep saying it out loud. (Reminder... you don't need to tell EVERYONE EVERY  bad little thing. We've been there! We get life is excruciatingly unpleasant at times BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IT LIKE YOU!)

Stop being proud of your problems and bragging about them.
We don't care about your CONSTANT problems because ours
............ ARE as big as yours!!

Everyone goes through bad times.
Everyone struggles
Everyone makes mistakes
Everyone has challenges
Everyone makes choices they have to live with
Everyone has consequences associated with the choices they made
Everyone needs to learn the difficult way
Everyone has a challenging, demanding, painful life
Everyone gets OVER it
HOWEVER . . .  not
Everyone speaks about it . . . . .

There have been trillions of people who have been to school, had homework, had jobs, lost jobs, been married, been divorced, been pregnant, had children, had too many bills ------ YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, so quit constantly whining about all YOUR crap and thinking it's more important than life itself.

You NEED to get over your constant feeling of your 'almighty problematic attitude'. 
Use your energy in a positive way i.e.  how great your life is and what you have, rather than the negative, 'my life is a holy hell pit'.

You ARE what you think!
You ARE positively powerful
You WILL conquer and go on
You WILL succeed

YOUR LIFE CHANGES minute by minute, and has seasons of harsh reality - - - ACCEPT THAT FACT, quit comparing your problems with other people and MOVE ALONG!
We have ALL been there, so quit discounting all other humans in life - past, present and future - because YOU think you are SO extraordinary.
                                                                                                                                                                                            (which you are but we don't need constant reminding)

Remember - - - I say this because I love you!

<![CDATA[- Supporting The People Who Never Supported YOU -]]>Wed, 16 Sep 2015 19:35:41 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-support-people ~ The Daily Bitch ~

It's quite entertaining to watch people wanting your support in the things they love and do,
yet, in the past, they never gave theirs....... 

Jealousy, pride and evil will try to prevail when the people close to you need your support!!
... because, mark my words, haters ...
your time will come when you need support for your hopes and dreams.

Supporting people is NOT going to kill you, but make you feel more mature about taking the higher road.

Being angry and envious all the time is an unhealthy habit!!
Do not create the same evil that has been done to you. 
Changing attitudes starts with YOU!

<![CDATA[- Defending Criminals -]]>Fri, 14 Aug 2015 05:19:25 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-defending-criminals~ The Daily Bitch ~

When did people start DEFENDING people committing crimes?
WTF is a wrong with people?

You get caught committing a crime... YOU are wrong!
Getting caught and shot
could be a serious CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR ACTIONS!!

Defending criminals makes you look ridiculous.
You're making your own "cause" seem SO unoriginal!

<![CDATA[- Social Media Bashing -]]>Thu, 06 Aug 2015 03:09:22 GMThttp://www.respectnorespect.com/the-daily-bitch/-social-media-bashing~ The Daily Bitch ~

If you're shaming or bullying people because of THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICES, OPINIONS AND SPEECH, that you don't agree with or hurts your feelings about YOUR lifestyle or opinions.......

Is this America or am I seeing correctly that you DO NOT want other people to have the freedoms, you SO loosely claim YOU need!
YOU feel it's YOUR right to speak YOUR evil words against peoples' own choices.....
but THEIR right to speak THEIR opinion is wrong!?!?
You're for it or against it.....
THAT'S your opinion!!!!
But don't start bashing other people just because they don't think like you do......
You actually sound like THEM.......

Whether it be pro choice/non choice; racism; flags; gay marriage; religion; presidents; governments; vaccines; cops..... it seems there's a lot of bashing going on from the people WHO CLAIM TO GET BASHED!!

WHATtheFUCKINGfuck is that?

You claim being "held back" for years, not being able to speak, to live, to believe, yet you bash people, YOURSELF, for speaking what THEIR beliefs and opinions are.

There's only one word for that -- hypocrisy!
There are more hypocrites all over social media than EVER before.
And your hypocrisy is dividing US!
Always yelling, "I don't have rights" ----
then you get them and spend your loser life bashing everyone for the beliefs they have that you don't agree with, because YOU feel you finally have a voice AND enough people to back your ass up! <<<<<<<< THAT makes you weak!

If you're a hypocrite and spend your time bashing the groups who you claimed bashed you, you will get your KARMA served on a platter.

Have conversations - QUIT BASHING!!